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Dementia Care in Colorado Springs, CO


Learn how dementia care helps seniors to maximize their quality of life while coping with dementia.


Dementia is more than just a killer. It is a disease that robs a person of their dignity and quality of life by gradually eroding their memory; their ability to think, reason, and communicate; and even altering their perspective of the world so they cannot tell fact from fiction. Seniors with dementia become unable to care for themselves and, in the time leading up to their final months, become extremely vulnerable to both physical harm and injury as well as unscrupulous people.


Comfort Keepers provides Alzheimer's and dementia care designed to maximize a senior's independence, freedom, safety, and quality of life while allowing them the opportunity to safely do so in the comfort of their own home instead of a nursing home or skilled care facility.


How Dementia Care Helps Colorado Springs, CO Seniors


The first step in providing effective dementia care is ensuring a senior's home is safe. At Comfort Keepers, this starts with a home safety inspection and fall-risk analysis. Identifying and making just a few simple changes or alterations to the home can make a great deal of difference now and will play a major role in a senior's safety as the disease progresses.


As seniors lose their ability to perform daily living tasks and accomplish personal care routines, caregivers provide essential services and supports. From light housekeeping and meal preparation to transportation services and personal care, caregivers keep seniors physically, cognitively, and emotionally engaged while also helping seniors avoid infection and illness from germs and bacteria. Getting to know the senior on a personal level allows caregivers to provide meaningful companionship while increasing a senior's sense of self-worth. They also help them avoid people who would take advantage of them by providing advice and by notifying family members of questionable phone calls, solicitations, or relationships.


In short, dementia may lead to increased vulnerability, but with Comfort Keepers dementia care support, seniors do not need to lose their independence or freedom as they continue to reside safely in the comfort of their own home.


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