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Comfort Keepers is known for their top-line senior home care. Yet, many who are new to the world of professional senior home care may have questions about the advantages of care at home.

The first step in identifying the difference care at home can make is understanding the other options. When seniors require care and support in order to safely accomplish daily living tasks, somebody needs to come alongside them. One option is for a senior to move into an assisted-living home. Many of these homes provide housekeeping, laundry support, and other services for seniors who don't require skilled nursing care. Seniors with intensive medical needs may consider a nursing home, which provides the same non-medical supports as assisted living with the additional benefits of nursing care. Other seniors may turn to family and friends to provide the care and support that they need.

While there are advantages to each of the options available, Colorado Springs senior care remains the gold standard for the vast majority of seniors. Initially, it is most values because seniors do not want to leave home. Surveys indicate that 95 percent or more of today's seniors have a strong desire to live in their own home during their elder years, despite any challenges that may bring. Selling off their home, their goods, and many of their memories are not just stressful, but it can cause a great deal of emotional turmoil for seniors who may already be going through a difficult time.

Family caregivers provide services in the senior's home, but the care often comes with limitations. Most family members are not able to provide care around the clock and cannot always provide the type of support a senior needs in the way a senior may desire. Seniors, indebted to their family members for the care, often feel guilty or embarrassed about complaining or asking for changes.

With professional care at home, seniors do not need to move out of their residence, since the care comes to them, and the supports and services are provided when, where, and how the senior desires. From the type of fabric softener used on their clothes to the types of meals being prepared, Comfort Keepers care at home allows seniors to maintain a sense of freedom and independence.

In addition to physical services and supports, Comfort Keepers Colorado Springs senior care also provides the essential benefit of socialization and companionship. One of the fastest growing issues amongst today's seniors is that of loneliness. Comfort Keepers caregivers are trained to look beyond physical chores and focus on the social, emotional, and mental needs of the senior.

In short, our Colorado Springs senior home care allows seniors to remain in the convenience of their own residence, maintain a sense of freedom and independence, and increase social interactions, by providing the physical supports and services necessary to accomplish daily living tasks. 


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