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Maintaining a Healthy Weight with Living Assistance in Colorado Springs, CO

Jun 28, 2017 by Glenn Savage

Many people work hard to stay fit in their younger years with the thought that once they get older they can relax and not worry so much about a proper diet, exercise, and a healthy weight. Sadly, this is just a fantasy and a dangerous one at that.


As we age, our bodies lose muscle mass, burn fewer calories, and work less efficiently. The end result of these changes, as it pertains to weight, is that it becomes much harder to lose weight as one gets older. Making things worse, fewer calories burned does not equate to freely consuming bags of chips and chocolates, endless trips to the buffet line, or all-you-can-eat wings at happy hour. Instead, seniors need to eat smart and consume fewer calories if they are to maintain a healthy weight.


Before seniors cut back on their snacking, the obvious question is "Why is a healthy weight so important?" According to WebMD, seniors who are overweight or obese have a significantly higher risk of many serious health problems, including heart disease (the number one cause of death in America), diabetes, stroke, several cancers, joint pain, decreased mobility, and even a loss of mental acuity. Conversely, seniors who maintain a healthy weight face a much lower risk of being impacted by any of these ailments.


While losing and maintaining weight may be harder as we get older, it is not impossible. In fact, seniors should use the same methods of weight loss and maintenance as younger individuals: eat a healthy diet and exercise. Granted, seniors often face additional challenges in incorporating each of these into their lives.


Many age-related ailments and chronic illnesses make it difficult for seniors to exercise and prepare nutritious meals. From painful movement and mobility issues to challenges reading labels, getting motivated, or following directions, senior may be unable to do the very things they want to do in order to get in shape.


The Impact of Living Assistance on Healthy Weight


Thankfully, with Comfort Keepers living assistance, there is help. Living assistance helps seniors who cannot perform any number of daily living tasks to remain independent. Among these tasks are shopping, meal preparation, and even companionship while dining. Along the way, seniors learn that if they eat better, they don't have to eat less.


Those who struggle to stay active will find living assistance to be invaluable. From simple walks in the neighborhood to transportation to a pool, gym, or senior center, caregivers provide the physical, social, and emotional support seniors need to get motivated, find an exercise regimen, and stick with it.


In short, maintaining a healthy weight is just as important for seniors as it is for younger individuals, and it may be even more so. While it may be a challenge to eat nutritiously and stay active, with Comfort Keepers living assistance, it is a challenge that can be met. 

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