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Preparing for Winter with Assisted Living in Colorado Springs, CO

Oct 19, 2017 by Glenn Savage

Ready or not, winter is just around the corner. During winter, the days are shorter and the temperatures are colder. The snow and ice are beautiful, but they also create many challenges. With the proper preparations; however, the winter can be an exciting time for your senior loved one just as it has been for many years before.


During the winter many seniors also discover that they need assisted living support. More clothing needs to be worn, laundry loads increase, it is more difficult to get around to accomplish errands, and social opportunities seem to dry up.


How to Prepare for Winter in Colorado Springs, CO with Assisted Living


In addition to standard living challenges, the cold weather often affects seniors more than other age groups. Seniors have thinner skin and their circulation is typically not what it used to be. This can make keeping warm difficult. The cold can also cause joints to ache. For seniors who already had joint issues, chronic pain, or mobility limitations, daily living activities can go from difficult to overwhelming. In these instances, planning for assisted living support becomes as important as winterizing the car, servicing the boiler, and arranging for somebody to keep the steps, walk, and drive shoveled.


Comfort Keepers assisted living support is provided in the comfort and convenience of the senior's own home and is designed specifically to increase their safety, independence, and quality of life. Caregivers can help seniors cope with the extra layers of clothing that need to be worn, help swap out warm weather clothes for thicker winter ones, and provide housekeeping support so the laundry and dishes don't pile up, nutritious meals can be consumed, and fall-risks can be minimized. Assisted living support also includes local transportation services so seniors can get around safely despite the snow, ice, and increased darkness.


In addition to the physical supports caregivers provide, assisted living support also addresses a senior’s social needs. Many seniors do not get out and about as much during the winter. Many even become physically and socially isolated. Comfort Keepers caregivers ensure your senior loved one remains socially, emotionally, and intellectually engaged.


In short, as winter approaches, seniors should take the time to prepare themselves for the colder weather and increased darkness. In addition to getting out warmer clothes, putting removable traction devices on shoes and boots, and arranging home and auto inspections, seniors should also consider their need for support.


For more information about preparing for winter or to find out more about the many ways Comfort Keepers assisted living caregivers can maximize your senior loved one's independence and quality of life, contact a senior care coordinator today. 


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