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Colorado Springs, CO Senior Home Care American Diabetes Month

Nov 9, 2017 by Glenn Savage

Tens of millions of American seniors have developed type 2 diabetes and millions more have had juvenile diabetes since youth. This November – designated American Diabetes Month – these seniors are encouraged to reexamine their lifestyle choices and the impact these choices have on their ability to control their diabetes. Further, it is a time for all seniors to consider the risk factors of developing type 2 diabetes. Not only is Type 2 diabetes the most common form of diabetes (one in four seniors over 65 will develop it), but it is a whole lot easier to prevent than it is to cure or treat.


Colorado Springs, CO Senior Home Care can help with Diabetes


One of the primary risk factors to developing Type 2 diabetes is being overweight. Losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight is an important step in diabetes control. The primary way to obtain and maintain a healthy weight is regular physical activity. In addition to weight loss, physical activity helps in lowering and controlling blood sugar, burning calories, and increasing the body's sensitivity to insulin. Senior home care providers can help your loved one choose a routine that best suits their personality and current ability level.


Next to fitness, choosing diabetic-friendly meals is key to balancing blood sugar levels. One of the key components to a diabetic-friendly meal is adding fiber to the diet. Fiber contains B vitamins, iron, zinc, copper, and magnesium, and, according to WebMD, is one of the most powerful foods for diabetes prevention since it helps the body regulate blood sugar levels. Senior home care providers can help seniors plan, shop for, and even prepare nutritious, high-fiber, and delicious recipes that add value instead of empty calories.


The body needs sleep to heal itself and remain healthy and strong. This is especially true when a person is engaging in regular exercise. Despite the rumors, seniors need seven to eight hours of good sleep each night. Not only does a lack of sleep make it difficult for the body to maintain proper sugar levels, but individuals who are sleep deprived tend to eat more high-fat and high-sugar foods than those who are not.


This American Diabetes Month, all seniors, whether they currently have diabetes or not, should take a moment to examine their lifestyle choices. For more information about American Diabetes Month, or the many ways Comfort Keepers senior home care can help your senior loved one remain safe, independent, and enjoying a high quality of life, contact a senior home care coordinator today. 


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