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Feel Good Foods

Nov 30, 2015 by Anonymous

We all know that some foods make us feel better. When we have a cold we like to eat chicken soup. When we feel depressed we tend to reach for something sweet or salty to pick up our mood. We have used food to change our “feelings” whether we personally have proof or not that it can improve our mood. Read Article

Tips to Help You Fall Asleep

Nov 8, 2015 by Anonymous

Most of our population has trouble sleeping, though we’ve been doing it since birth. Almost half of us have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep and getting restful sleep. Except for those who have medical issues or take medication thus causing sleeplessness, the majority of our problem can be traced to anxiety and stress. Since we can’t all quit our stressful jobs and buy a private island with a hammock, we have to look for other ways to reduce it and increase our good sleeping habits. Read Article

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