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Why Its Important to Take Care of Yourself as a Caregiver

Jul 31, 2016 by Anonymous

“Take care of yourself” is something we glibly tell others, but do we take our own advice? In our busy world, we find ourselves taking care of others first, which is not necessarily bad. It’s only negative if we forget to do the same for ourselves. We take care of our families and raise our children. Read Article

A Look at the Stages of Alzheimer's

Jul 15, 2016 by Anonymous

Alzheimer's disease is a medical condition that many families must face each year. Currently, no cure exists, and the prognosis for afflicted individuals is a poor one. The disease progresses through several stages, each of which becomes more serious than the one before it. Alzheimer's disease is marked by four phases: pre-dementia, early, moderate, and advanced. Read Article

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