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In Home Care Services Reduce The Risk Of Senior Falls In Colorado Springs, CO

Find out how in home care services can help to reduce the risk of dangerous falls for seniors living in Colorado Springs, CO

Senior falls are incredibly dangerous. In fact, they are the leading cause of accident-related injury and death in American seniors over the age of 65. Worse, millions of seniors lose their peace of mind because they are afraid of falling. As a result, falls and the fear of falling keep many seniors from enjoying their elder years and leading an active lifestyle.

One key to avoiding falls and reducing the fear of falling is proper prevention. Comfort Keepers’ in home care services can help. Seniors who want to remain in the comfort and convenience of their own home should ensure that their house is safe since 75 percent of senior falls occur at home. This is where Comfort Keepers balance care and fall risk reduction services come in.

Fall risk reduction starts with a home safety fall risk assessment. A Comfort Keepers representative will inspect your loved one's home for fall risks and potential safety hazards. Many times, they will find areas that can be improved with just a minor modification or small update. For example, loose carpets and cords need to be removed from walkways, grab bars can be installed in the bathroom, handrails can be added in hallways, and motion sensors can be added to lights. Other common suggestions include shower/tub changes, room organization, and flooring updates. Comfort Keepers representatives can help schedule necessary work for desired adaptations and modifications as well.

Fall risks are also reduced when seniors have strong muscles and joints and a healthy body weight. These are items that are best addressed through regular exercise and lifestyle modifications. Comfort Keepers’ in home care services can help seniors with their exercise routines; planning, shopping for, and preparing healthy meals; and transportation to and from the gym, senior center, therapy sessions, etc. Simply put, a healthy body improves a senior’s self-confidence, strength, flexibility, and balance which helps to limit fall risks.

Comfort Keepers fall risk reduction support can help your loved safely move around their home, get chores done, and feel more in control of their life. At the same time, reduced fall risks keep your loved one safe from broken bones, bruises, and fear of falling.

For more information on fall risk reduction or the many ways Comfort Keepers’ in home care services can help maximize your loved one's enjoyment of their elder years, contact a care coordinator today.


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